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We Offer Faux Wood Blinds For Your Charleston Home

Faux wood blinds

If you're trying to add some extra style to your Charleston home and want easy-care faux wood blinds, Palmetto Blinds LLC can certainly accommodate you. Our furniture-grade faux wood blinds are built to last and offer the classic look of beautiful natural wood without the expensive prices. This product is a beautiful window covering solution that offers privacy, light control, and classic appeal to any room they're installed in. They're also easy to clean-- simply dust or wipe down with a moist cloth and you'll have renewed blinds in just a few minutes. If you've been searching for beautiful faux wood blinds to give your Charleston home that warm, bohemian aesthetic, don't hesitate to call Palmetto Blinds LLC.

Faux Wood & Poly Window Blinds

Our high-quality faux wood and poly blinds are an affordable alternative to real wood blinds, providing many advantages to Charleston homeowners such as minimal maintenance, durability, and resistance to warping. Similar to wood blinds, faux wood blinds absorb sunlight, although they aren't quite as effective as their authentic counterparts. One of our shutter company specialists may recommend faux wood blinds if you prefer the natural look of wood blinds but don't want to deal with their required upkeep or pay the price tag.

Our faux wood blinds are constructed out of vinyl, PVC, or poly wood materials. They're often placed in rooms with high humidity levels like bathrooms and kitchens because they absorb moisture and won't rot or warp like real wood blinds might. Homeowners who are environmentally conscious also enjoy faux wood and poly blinds because they're entirely recyclable. They're also extremely customizable, coming in a range of colors and stains to match any woodwork within your home.

We Offer Superior Faux Wood Blinds To Charleston

Palmetto Blinds LLC is the authority for faux wood window blinds in the Charleston area, and our selection of customizable blinds is the highest quality you'll find. Faux wood blinds are some of the most versatile blinds, both style- and color-wise, because there are so many options available with natural-looking grains, stains, and paint colors to completely customize and personalize your window treatments. Our blinds are masterfully crafted from beautiful faux wood and poly, showcasing rich detail and beautiful stains with meticulous workmanship. We also offer paint options featuring bright whites and rich, modern creams, plus a wide selection of paint colors, from bold and vibrant to subtle and subdued. No doubt we've got the perfect faux wood blinds for all of your Charleston window blinds projects. We can't wait to show you how we can transform your home into a photo-ready architectural showpiece with our beautiful faux wood blinds.

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