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Real Wood Blinds For A Classic Charleston Look

Wood blinds

For the best in wood blinds, you have to work with the best shutter company in Charleston, and that company is Palmetto Blinds LLC. We are honored to hold be the area's choice for wood window blinds and more, and we take great pride in the work that we do. Few window coverings have the warm, natural beauty and allure that wood blinds do. Add to that the fact that you have a vast assortment of styles, colors, and stains to choose from, and the possibilities are endless. It's no wonder that wood blinds have become a favorite for homeowners everywhere, in Charleston and beyond.

Palmetto Blinds LLC can work with you to provide you with the information that you need to get the finished look you desire. Keep in mind, no house can truly be a dream home until you have taken care of every last detail, and we want to be the shutter company in Charleston that can make that happen for your home.

Benefits Of Wood Blinds

Not only are wood blinds a stunning aesthetic option for almost any room in your home, but they also have a number of other advantages as well:

  • Having real wood blinds will add to the property value of your home. While this may not be the driving force behind your decision, it can certainly help. Wood blinds aren't just an expense, they're an investment! Adding such a high-quality window covering to your home will make your home more appealing and, if you ever choose to sell, might get you a better asking price.
  • Since they can be stained to match just about any color, wood blinds are a perfect match for any room. This means you can have the same style of window covering throughout your home, while still making it possible to change the look slightly for each room.
  • Wood blinds are also good for adding an extra layer of insulation. You will notice a difference in your monthly utility bills when you have wood blinds installed compared to not having them in the first place. This takes you one step closer to having a more environmentally responsible home.

As you can see, wood blinds are fantastic. However, bear in mind that real wood blinds aren't suitable for all applications. They are not ideal for humid conditions in enclosed spaces. Using them in a bathroom or kitchen may end with you finding mildew and rot beginning to form. If you are dead set on wood blinds, at least consider faux wood blinds for areas that take on humidity. Real wood will also require slightly more work than other synthetic alternatives. However, anyone who has a passion for the real thing will not mind the additional level of care.

Natural Wood Window Blind Options

When you're looking for custom window blinds at the best prices, calling Palmetto Blinds LLC is a smart choice. Our wood blinds pros are happy to offer you all the beautiful styles you are looking for in a large selection of colors, textures, materials, and finishes for your home. Find your perfect wood blinds today by scheduling a complimentary consultation with our design specialists. We take care of the measuring and installation to ensure your new wood blinds fit perfectly.

With their classic and elegant look, the simple functionality of wood blinds makes them a great choice for any style home. They're appropriate for simple and minimal designs to modern and lavish. Our wood blinds are easy to operate, clean, and maintain, offering you privacy and precise light control. Our shutter company carries and installs all the best natural wood options in premium custom blinds from all of the most trusted brands. Ask to see our selection today!

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