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When Should You Replace Your Blinds?

When replace blinds

The blinds in your Charleston home can last for quite a while with proper care and maintenance, but just like everything else, they'll begin to wear down eventually. You can keep an eye out for signs of damage so that you know when to purchase new customized blinds from your trusted shutter company. Blinds can begin to malfunction as a result of a frequent operation, mishandling by children and pets, and environmental factors. Keep reading this article from Palmetto Blinds LLC to learn about the signs that it's time to replace your blinds.

Difficult Operation

If the blinds on your windows are hard to maneuver, replacing them is usually the best course of action. Blinds are designed to operate smoothly, so difficult movement is an indicator of broken or worn-out window treatment components. Purchasing new blinds from your local shutter company is important because if you continue to use old, damaged blinds, the additional force required to manipulate them could cause them to fall out of the window.

Discolored Slats

You may begin to notice that your blinds have changed colors over the years as they've been exposed to sunlight. This discoloration can appear yellow and signifies a decline in durability. When selecting new blinds, look for options labeled as UV resistant. These UV-resistant blinds may be more expensive, but they tend to maintain their original color and initial strength better than blinds without UV-resistant properties.

Frayed Cords

Fraying on the cords of your blinds may be caused by internal mechanisms or continuous wear and tear. Ignoring frayed cords could end with one or more of them snapping or breaking, sending your blinds toppling to the floor and possibly causing damage to your home. Replacing your blinds when their cords start to fray is a great way to save some extra grief.

Bent or Warped Slats

Excess moisture and extreme heat can bend and warp the slats of your blinds, especially wood blinds, causing them to appear damaged and to operate awkwardly. If a few slats are warped, you may be able to replace only those individual slats, but numerous bent slats reveal the need for new blinds from a shutter company like Palmetto Blinds LLC.

Obsolete Style

Even if your blinds are in perfect condition, you may decide to replace them because their style is obsolete. If you're not satisfied with the appearance of your current blinds or you're ready to make some interior design modifications, then purchasing and installing new blinds is a good solution. Although most blinds have a useful life of approximately seven years, you don't have to wait seven years to update your window treatments. Your tastes change and that's normal-- so treat yourself with new blinds when the urge for change comes.

If the blinds in your home are damaged, outdated, or simply fail to satisfy your tastes and requirements, reach out to an experienced shutter company like Palmetto Blinds LLC and work with skilled window covering experts to customize the ideal blinds for your Charleston home.

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